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SF50 Wall Panel Textile

SF50 Wall Panel Textile

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SF50 Wall Panel Textile is a beautifully simple and elegant solution that fits perfectly with many different interior designs. The front panels are made in a range of eco-friendly and recycled textiles and you can easily change the mood or atmosphere of the room by simply changing the front panel.

The 50mm deep frame is super clean and available in black, white or aluminum finish, making it easy to choose the right frame to suit your decor. SF50 Wall Panel Textile will give a stylish and modern finish to your interior, while improving the acoustics of the room.

As the front print can be easily replaced and washed, the SF50 offers endless possibilities for creating beautiful, stylish and stimulating effects.

Check out the sizes and prices, or ask for a price on a custom size.

Sound attenuation rating: Class A

Delivery: 7-10 working days

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